Landscapes of Tibet

Tibetan Plateau, sometimes called also The Roof of the World, The Third Pole, is the highest region of our Planet. Territory by size equal to Western Europe is almost 5000 meters above see level....


Tepui table-top mountains, Venezuela

There are 115 mesas in the Gran Sabana in the south-east of Venezuela on the border with Guyana and Brazil, where the highest concentration of tepuis is found. The precipitous mountains tower over the...


Erta Ale Lava Lake trek, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Lava bubbles and oozes inside a lava lake in Ethiopia’s Ertale volcano. Molten surface temperatures range from 550 degrees Fahrenheit (288 degrees Celsius) to nearly 1000 degrees Fahrenheit (540 degrees Celsius) at the center...


Kew Gardens, UK

The world’s largest collection of living plants. Especially challenging seems Treetop walkway.


Best hiking routes in Spanish Pyrenees

We were flying by the airline company, which always arrives before time. An air-plane landed at Girona, in my opinion, at too high speed, but definitely before the appointed time. Although Mediterranean was temptation for us, we went to...

Top Natural Wonders

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

The Chocolate Hills placed Bohol on the tourist map long before the beautiful white beaches of the island became major tourist destinations. The most famous and signature tourist attraction of Bohol, it is a...